GIS Systems Remote Sensing Trainings Consulting
GIS Systems Remote Sensing Trainings Consulting

About Us

SmallGIS is an expert in geoinformatics industry. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in Satellite and Aerial Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Geographic Information System, Information Technology Systems and GPS/GNSS Technology.

We produce specialist GIS software. Our geoinformatic products are developed under the SprintMAP brand. SprintMAP software is a family of GIS software which enables management of Polish standardised spatial data in ArcGIS™ ESRI Inc environment and caters for other industry needs connected with management of such data.

We also offer made-to-measure solutions in Geographic Information Systems. We share our practical and theoretical knowledge on a wide variety of professional GIS trainings. The trainings range from basic to advanced level.

SmallGIS is a guarantee of professional, reliable and individual approach to every client. Together with high quality services this ensures satisfaction of everyone who decides to use our extensive experience and expertise in the Photogrammetry and GIS industry.

Environmental Monitoring Aircrafts

We offer integrated SkyFoton and SkyLaser manned aircraft platforms. These are comprehensive products based on specialized equipment including an aircraft with sensors, the software and the methodology that gives the possibility of independent use by the customer. The platforms can be used for very specific applications, such as counting wildlife or real-time monitoring of rescue operations, i.e. fires, floods, or for more universal and standard tasks.

Read more about out ultralight single-pilot aircraft

If you want to buy an integrated SkyFoton or SkyLaser manned aircraft platforms - contact us.

Aerial services

We also offer to perform:

More information about our aerial services you can find here


With our knowledge and many years‘ experience we are able  to successfully provide various services to a wide spectrum of Clients. The list of Clients who trusted us is a guarantee of the highest level of our services. Our Clients include government administration units, state institutions, Polish and international scientific centres and private sector companies.

Here are some of our completed projects:

European Space Agency

We gain experience in international cooperation by participating in projects such as IWBSF (Integrated Web-Based Service for Forestry) and TIKKA Service (Satellite Based Tools for More Efficient Logging Operation Planning). The projects are co-funded by the European Space Agency.

Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Under the contract with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology we are implementing a project of maintaining and developing the Asbestos Database which is a tool for stocktaking products containing asbestos. The database is available to all units of local government.

Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation

SmallGIS is implementing a project entitled: Design, construction and implementation of Maritime Administration Spatial Information System (in Polish: SIPAM) together with processing and migration of data. The system will make it possible to collect, process, view, analyse and download broadly defined spatial and descriptive data.

Ministry of Investment and Development

Under the contract with the Ministry of Investment and Development we are analysing the possibility of digitalization of investment and construction process in Poland together with developing a project of information system for issuing decisions in this process and obtaining design documentation approval.

PGL National Forests

We have cooperated with units of the National Forests for 15 years. We produce SprintMAP.LMN software which streamlines the process of day-to-day management and updating of Forest Numerical Map. We conduct numerous trainings and consultations for employees of Forest Inspectorates in spatial data management and GIS software. The offer dedicated to the National Forests also includes photogrammetry and remote sensing services i.e.: aerial photography taking and creating ortophotomaps, post-disaster and remote sensing analyses, wild animals counting.

National Parks

The cooperation with the Polish National Parks consists mainly in construction and modernization of spatial information systems in order to streamline the implementation of conservation and monitoring of natural resources plan, as well as numerous trainings conducted for parks’ employees.

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